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The GoPro Hero5

As technology becomes much more advanced every year, it helps companies such as Go Pro to create better action cameras.

Introducing, the Go Pro Hero 5, with it’s release on early October 2016. The Go Pro Hero 5 is a much more improved upgrade comparing to it’s older model, the Go Pro Hero 4. With a similar model to the Hero 4, The Hero 5 has much more features to offer.

First, let’s compare the Hero 4 Black to the Hero 5 Black.

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The Hero 5 has it’s own waterproof casing, meaning you don’t need to buy an extra case and it comes with a little more reinforcement. This means, with both cameras naked, the Hero 5 is quite bigger comparing to the Hero 4 without the waterproof case. The waterproof housing can allow the Hero 5 to be submerged unto 33 feet underwater, and can protect the camera against dust and sand. But comparing to the old waterproof case on the Hero 4 (which can go up to 131 feet) it’s relatively better. If you are planning on going below 33 feet with your Hero 5, then you can purchase a “Super Suit Housing” for your Hero 5. This also means that the Hero 5 will weigh a little bit more than the Hero 4 without the waterproof casing:
Hero 5: 4.2 oz (118 grams)

Hero 4 (without case): 3.1 oz (87 grams)

Hero 4 (with case): 5.3 oz (150 grams)

But what makes the Hero 5 a major improvement, is it’s new built in LCD touch screen display. But comparing it to the Hero 4 Silver (which also had an LCD display) the Hero 5 has a much more sharper, brighter and easier display. Also, as it is waterproof without a case, you don’t have that back door panel, which makes it more responsive. This makes it much better when trying to control and adjust your camera’s settings.

The way to control the two cameras are still roughly the same, with three customizable buttons and an LED display in-front (which was improved on the newer model), but now on the Hero 5, you also have a voice activation feature which can be very helpful depending on what you are doing. So if both your hands are occupied, with the voice activation feature of the Hero 5, you can say simple commands such as: “GoPro start recording” or “GoPro take a photo” to control you camera. There is also a waterproof remote that you can purchase to control your camera from a far distance.

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The Hero 5 has also a much more improved video shooting features compared to the Hero 4 Black, even though both can record 4K at 30 fps, 1080p at 120 fps and 720p at 240 fps, the Hero 5 won’t eat up all that memory card space compared to the Hero 4. Also with it’s new video stabilization feature, which can reduce the shakiness of your video. It also comes with more linear FOV, which removes the fish-eyed view of the camera. Both shoot in NTSC or PAL formats and both produce H.264 MP4 videos.

The Hero5 also adds three new options that can be useful:

  • manual exposure where you can set the shutter speed
  • a raw audio track option which creates a higher-quality WAV file
  • an auto mode option that lets you put it in a mode that reduces the effects of wind noise

Both models have an image size of 12MP (4000 x 3000 pixels) and can take similar images, but the Hero 5 can produce much more clearer images and can be seen when viewed at 100%. The Hero 5 comes with HDR, GoPro calls it WDR for Wide Dynamic Range and it aims to capture extra details in shadows and highlights. Another thing is; RAW image format. Shooting in RAW mode have pros and cons. The main reason why, is for the for better image quality. The downside of shooting in the GoPro’s RAW format is that the images need to process and convert to JPG before sharing.

Like the older models, the Hero 5 has the ability to take time lapse of images and video. The first is old way of shooting a sequence of images, downloading those images from the memory card, and bringing them together on your computer using a separate software. Like previous models, the available intervals are 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, and 60 seconds. You can also have the camera compile the video to create a time-lapse video. The new model adds a new option, and it’s a lower resolution which is 1080p. The reason for this, is it has been added is to make it easier to share the time-lapse video without dealing with the massive files from 2.7K or 4K video. With the smaller 1080p video it’s much quicker to take the footage from your camera, to your phone then upload straight to social media.

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The Hero 5 can also take external microphones, but  unlike the old model you’ll need the new USB-C mic adapter.

The battery life on the Hero 5 has improved and is using a higher capacity battery at (1220mAh vs. 1160mAh). With the new USB-C  port, the Hero 5 allows fast charging. There is a slight problem though, the new USB-C port isn’t USB 3.0 it still uses a USB 2.0 for data transferring. Which means, you can’t have that fast transferring speed. If you’re using an external microphone, you’ll need a new mic adapter. It also has a micro HDMI (Type D) socket to connect to a TV or display device.

There are a bunch of things that have also been tweaked and improved, which are:

It automatically detects which way is up.

You can turn off the LEDs selectively.

The longest auto-off setting is now 15 minutes rather than 5 minutes.

In the end, the GoPro Hero 5 can do what the previous models can do, but with a lot  more features and higher quality camera. As for now, the Hero 5 is still very limited to new accessories, unlike the Hero 4. Overtime though, that will change because of how advanced technology can become.

If you’re looking to buy a GoPro Hero 5, you can find them at various different websites and stores such as Amazon, Sport Chek, Best Buy etc.  with a price of: $530.00 CAD

– Carlos Jochico, Big City Lights

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Exclusive Behind the Scenes Video of a Pro Photo Shoot Using Big City Lights!

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Hello ladies and gentleman today we bring you an exclusive, behind the scenes, look into a professional photo shoot by Toronto photographer Clint Adam Smyth. As an acknowledged photographer/videographer Clint needs to have the best, most reliable, equipment at his fingertips to provide his customers with what they need. In this video you will see how he uses Big City Lights to attain beautiful, incomparable results. This was a calendar shoot That will be coming out in 2011 to promote a makeup, hair and wardrobe stylists work It featuring a gorgeous model and a luxurious ride (needless to say, they were very excited and completely satisfied with the final results).

Clint uses a single Big City 110, two Big City 220’s and a ringlight for this particular shoot. The two large light banks perform the duty of filling and brightening the set, they are very powerful and effective. The 110 is used to add a slightly softer touch of light in a focussed area and finally the ringlight is used for the glamorous and stylistic effect it is so well known for. The video also demonstrates the growing love for continuous lighting and the needlessness of using strobe lighting. Continuous lighting provides consistency and makes it easier to get that specific look you’re trying to achieve.  Video of shoot is below.

Written by Hash Patel

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Big City Lighting Tips Video #2 – Lighting on a White or Black Background

Ever had trouble lighting a model in various backgrounds? No need to fear, Big City is here! In our latest video we will show you how to light your subject for a white or a black background. It may seem like a simple thing to do but, if you want professional quality photo or video, you will learn the right way to do so with this instructional video. We will talk about lighting angles, metering and even, the butterfly effect. We’ve seen failures time and time again, from photographers trying to achieve crisp whites or variable blacks but, they’re just not doing it right. It’s funny how these small tips and tricks can make such a dramatic difference in the end product, whether it be a photo or a video. You can view the video below.


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A peak at a Big City Studio photo-shoot!

Last Thursday, I got to see a professional photo-shoot at Big City Studio for the first time. The model we had, Jacqueline, had the perfect look for our fantasy make up, which was done by our make up artist Vasso Thymis. Our set was a dark dramatic space, which worked perfectly with the fantasy look of our model. It also sent a mysterious feeling and got our hopes and expectations high.

This photo shoot was lit by one of our LED light banks which was an effective and a powerful tool that lit the set, and a reflector which added more light to the shadow areas. typically, most photographers use strobe (flash) to light their photographs, but as you can see here, using a light bank and a reflector, can give you the same great result. The advantage of using continuous light is that you can immediately see your en result before you take the picture, as well for those photographers who want to shoot video, you now have the capability.

These photographs take you into a strange and unusual world, which gets the imagination going and starts to tell a story.

 fashion, lighting, lights, model, photo, photographic, photography, Toronto  fashion, lighting, lights, model, photo, photographic, photography, Toronto  fashion, lighting, lights, model, photo, photographic, photography, Toronto  fashion, lighting, lights, model, photo, photographic, photography, Toronto  fashion, lighting, lights, model, photo, photographic, photography, Toronto  fashion, lighting, lights, model, photo, photographic, photography, Toronto

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Which Big City On Camera Light Is Best For You?

Here is a quick tutorial video of the four different on camera LED lighting Big City has to offer. This quick video will help  you decide which light fits your needs best. All of these light models use 6 double A batteries or Panasonic/Sony camera batteries.  They are lightweight and have adjustable brightnesses. Each light has a specific characteristic unique to the model, which all are highlighted in the video below. Our four models include, Big City 160 LED, Mr. Big 304 LED, Big City  Bi-colour 240 LED and finally the LED Fresnel Light.


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Big City 160 LED Light – $150

Fluorescent, fresnel, lighting, lights, photo, photographic, photography, rental

Big City Mr. Big 304 LED Light – $150

Fluorescent, fresnel, lighting, lights, photo, photographic, photography, rental

Big City Bi-Colour LED on Camera Light – $149

Fluorescent, fresnel, lighting, lights, photo, photographic, photography, rental

Big City Fresnel LED on Camera Light – $175

Fluorescent, fresnel, lighting, lights, photo, photographic, photography, rentalv

Light Span Of Fresnel Light

You can purchase any of these lights HERE

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HTC’s RE camera re-thinks camera technology

HTC revealed its ‘handy’ new  camera today, which is expected to release next month in the U.S, U.K and Canada. The periscope like camera is 9.7 centimeters tall, with a weight of only 66.5 grams. Said to be a competitor to GoPro, the RE cameras target audience of the everyday photographer looking for an easy way to capture the right image.

HTC’s unique design allows for a one hand operation of the device film, htc, photo, photographic, photography, resolution

The tiny titan comes with grip sensor technology which instantly turns on the device when picked up, which makes it convenient for HTC’s on the go customers. It comes with 1080p resolution, with 30 fps in FHD, and 720p 120fps slow motion. It also comes with a time lapse function, which is controllable via. smartphone.  It is iOS compatible, making it seamlessly integrate with your Android and iPhone’s photo gallery, making it have easy access to view all your photos and videos. It is also waterproof, making your underwater adventures even better, and helping you get a longer and better time lapse video even when it is raining.

I believe that the RE camera is a really unique and interesting hands on camera, however i am curious to see whether the resolution really steps up to its expectations. When its released, I am sure that I will check it out!

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Panono On the Ball With New Panoramic Camera

Camera company Panono released its new design today for their unique panoramic camera which will be available in spring 2015. The company and idea started in 2011 with the help of fundraising website indiego, where they raised over 1.25 million dollars from backers and companies. The camera works by tossing it into the air as high as you want, and with high tech sensors, it is able to sense when the ball is at the maximum height, and snaps the 360×360 photo.

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The ball shaped camera has 36 fixed focus cameras that are triggered at the maximum height of your throw and instantly catches a 360 degree picture. Resolution on the camera is quite impressive, with 108 megapixels being the final resolution, it knocks the iPhone 6 plus out of the park by being 13.5 times more powerful. The camera weighs only 440 grams, and has a diemeter of 11cm’s, making it convenient for on the go photography and how high you can than throw it! It connects to any Android or Apple device, Android 4 and iOS7+, using their free app which  makes it easy to view and upload your pictures. You can store up to 400 pictures on the device, and you can also take still photos when you need a more precise shot.

The camera looks like a great new invention for the world of photography, and I will definitely  be eager to try it out when it comes out next year for $549 USD.

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Kodak Sets New Standards With SP360 Action Camera

Kodak recently released their most advanced and versatile action camera yet: the SP360 Action Camera. Kodak announced the camera on Oct. 28th 2014 in L.A, and was later released on Nov.3rd 2014 starting at $349. Whats incredibly cool about this camera is the fact that it has a 360 degree viewing range, meaning that the camera can literally see everything around it. The camera comes with 6 different camera angles to shoot from: front, ring, dome, front 180 rear 180, 360 panorama and globe. The camera can either shoot these modes in still photo or 1080 video. It also comes with burst shot for still photos and time lapse video.

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The camera comes with a durable case that is shock, water and dust proof

The camera features a wide load of impressive features, including a 16 Mega pixel  MO sensor, which is double the power of the GoPro Hero 4, making the quality of the photos and videos outstanding. It comes with full HD 1080p video, and 10 fps still photo, making it that much easier to capture the perfect shot. The camera is Wi-Fi accessible, and can be controlled wirelessly with iOS or Android devices on the mobile app. The camera only weighs a mere 103 grams, while the GoPro 4 weighs 73 grams, so there is barely any difference in weight (30 grams).

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Globe mode for still photo and video

This camera looks  like the best action camera released this year, with complex and revolutionary features, there are endless possibilities on the creativity the Kodak could make on what you are shooting. I would definitely spend $349 for this camera, because it looks like a huge game changer to the first person action camera industry, and I would like to own a piece of history!

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front 180 back 180 for still photo and video

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Parrot Flies Sky High With New Bebop Drone

Technological company Parrot has been setting new standards in the world of personal drones, and they just hit one out of the park with their new Bebop Drone. Parrot announced recently that the new drone will be planned to be released next month for $500 US. The drone comes with a 14 mega pixel “fish eye” camera, a sky controller to control the drone from the safety of your tablet, and a first person view of the action with Oculus Rift glasses or Ziess Cinemizer glasses.

Features/ Specs

  • 14 megapixel camera
  • Fish eye 180 degree lens
  • WiFi/iOS/Android compatible
  • 4 brush less outer motors
  • Glass Fiber reinforced
  • emergency mode (emergency landing)
  • Sky Controller ( tablet holder w/ 2 analog stick control)
  • 3800×3188 photo resolution
  • 2 km distance from Sky Controller
  • 1080p HD video

drone, film, photo, photographic, technology, video

drone, film, photo, photographic, technology, video

The Sky Controller gives users a first person view of what the camera is recording

The Bebop comes with a very unique and extremely cool Sky Controller to maneuver and control the drone. As you can see it comes with a tablet holder, 2 analog sticks,  record and picture buttons etc. The Controller helps boost the WiFi range for the drone, making the camera go further then just using your tablet.

drone, film, photo, photographic, technology, video

The drone can also be flown indoors, as the drone has protective glass fiber frames around the 4 motors. Overall, the drone and  accessories look like an incredible piece of technology, and considering the price of an Oculus Rift Glasses ($350) and the Sky Controller, the price of the drone will be not much more expensive then the base price ($500). I will definitely check out this drone when it is released in December 2014!

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Long LED Superbanks Now Available!

Big City Lights has done it again, we now offer a long LED superbank.  This unit only uses 121W of power but puts out the tungsten equivalent of 2000W of light!  It runs on standard AC, and with it’s low power consumption can even be run off of large battery packs.  This light is great if you need to light a large area, or a full body of a person.  It is daylight balanced, but also included is a diffusion and a 3200K (Tungsten filter).  You can purchase them HERE

The LED Superbank from Big City

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Basic specs