Parrot Bebop Drone Bundle Flying Drone w/ SkyController


Own the sky with Parrot Bebop Drone ultimate camera. Features: – Lightweight & safe – Full HD video, stabilized on 3-axes – First Person View piloting – 2 batteries included Ready-to-fly out of the box! Fly further with more sensations: Equipped with an amplified Wi-Fi 36 dBm radio and with four antennas, the Parrot Skycontroller extends the Wi-Fi! The piloting smartphone or tablet is fixed on a shelf that is compatible with the vast majority of smartphones & tablets available on the market. The pilot takes control of the drone via two ultra precise joysticks. For extreme view (anything but sensations), it is possible to connect FPV (First Person View) glasses to the Parrot Skycontroller with the HDMI. FPV glasses compatibility: Zeiss Cinemizer, Sony Personal Viewer Enjoy the latest innovations in FPV for fully immersive flights with Parrot Bebop Drone and Skycontroller pack.   FREE shipping of this item in Canada. ($30 to the US)



1. Built-in GPS
2. Mouse (FPV navigation)
3. High precision joystick left
4. Back (FPV navigation)
5. Home (FPV navigation)
6. Record Full HD video
7. Record & Wi-Fi® signal
8. HP audio
9. Batteries levels (Bebop Drone & Skycontroller)
10. Emergency button
11. Take off / Landing
12. GPS auto return home
13. High precision joystick right
14. Take a picture (push) & Digital tilt control of the camera
15. Steerable, high power, dual band 2.4 & 5GHz Wi-Fi® MIMO antenna, max range: 2km

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