Dimmable Fluorescent Diva Ring Light with stand


This 18″ dimmable fluorescent ring light puts out 500w and comes with a free diffusion cloth and light stand.


Big City does it again, we now offer a dimmable 18″ fluorescent ring light for only $289 CDN

Yes that’s right only $289 CANADIAN DOLLARS! And now comes it with a Light Stand!

The worlds most popular ringlight, the Big City 18″ Dimmable Fluorescent Diva Ringlight.

It puts out the equivalent amount of light as 500W incandescent light but

it only uses 65W of power.   It is daylight balanced fluorescent and is flicker free!

Also includes a diffuser cloth and light stand!

Big City 18″ Dimmable Fluorescent Diva Ring Light.

  • Bulb Included
  • Flexible bendy neck included
  • Diffusion cloth included
  • Is lightweight only 2.5lbs (1 kilo)
  • Is a very soft light
  • Is daylight (5400K) balanced
  • Is flicker free so great for photo & video
  • Great for make-up artists
  • Bundle includes a medium duty light stand

Fluorescent Ringlight in Canada for Film and Photography. Great for Make-up!


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