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Which Ring Light is Right for You?

Are you thinking of buying a ring light, but you don’t know which one to buy?

Well, at Big City Lights, we have a variety of different ring lights to choose from. So we have made a video explaining the different types of ring lights we have, and their purpose and features. This video talks about 5 different lights, a 12″ Fluorescent, 18″ Fluorescent, 18″ Dimmable Fluorescent, 18″ LED Dimmable, and the 18″ ULTIMATE. Basically, the 12″ ring light is a fluorescent light, that is only recommended for close up shots only (head / shoulders) Next, the 18″ Fluorescent is just like the 12″, but more for a wider shot instead of closeups. Next, the 18″ Dimmable Fluorescent, this light is very similar to the regular 18″, but it also has a dimmer which allows you to turn down the brightness of the light. Next, the 18″ LED Dimmable, this is very similar to the previous 18″ model, but it uses LED technology. This means you don’t have to replace the bulb because it will last you a very long time, as it is also more durable. Finally, the 18″ ULTIMATE Diva, this ring light has the most features out of them all, it comes with a cellphone holder and a mirror. Also, the light has a dimmer and it is bi-colour, which means you can change the colour of the light to a cool white (5600K) to warm white (3200K) or anywhere in between.

To see a more in-depth explanation of each light, and to see them in action, watch the video above.

Current Ring Light Pricing (with stand, all prices in Canadian dollars):

ring light comparison


ring light diva stellar nova super nebula ledgo big city ringlight

Clint Adam Smyth, lighting, lights, ringlight

The Big City Ring Light in Action!

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The ring light in action, fashion photo by Clint Adam Smyth.


Hello everybody, today we here at Big City Lights are showing you an exceptional example of what you can produce using the Big City Ring Light. The image to the left was shot using the Big City Ring Light which only uses 65W of power yet puts out the tungsten equivalent of a 300W bulb, as you can see it can give you amazing visual effects starting with the even tone of light and appealing lack of shadows. When you look closely, you notice the reflection of the light shining off the models eyes which is also a great effect. The amazing power of this light and the way it’s used lets you show the viewers your subject in a very exciting and alluring manner. Besides the outstanding quality of our lighting equipment there’s something else we offer that might matter to you more than anything else… what’s that? An unbeatable price.

There are other lights out there such as Gekko Technologies George Light or Kino Flo’s Kamino Light which both admittedly have a dimmer on them, but they will charge you 5 – 10 times the price! We at Big City Lights understand your need for reliable, top class equipment and, we give you exactly that without burning a hole in your pocket.

The Big City Fluorescent Ring Light retails for $200 CDN, and can be purchased HERE

We also carry a dimable LED model for $350, and it can be purchased HERE

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Exclusive Behind the Scenes Video of a Pro Photo Shoot Using Big City Lights!

Calgary, Canada, halifax, LED, LEDGO, lighting, lights, ringlight, Toronto, Vancouver

Hello ladies and gentleman today we bring you an exclusive, behind the scenes, look into a professional photo shoot by Toronto photographer Clint Adam Smyth. As an acknowledged photographer/videographer Clint needs to have the best, most reliable, equipment at his fingertips to provide his customers with what they need. In this video you will see how he uses Big City Lights to attain beautiful, incomparable results. This was a calendar shoot That will be coming out in 2011 to promote a makeup, hair and wardrobe stylists work It featuring a gorgeous model and a luxurious ride (needless to say, they were very excited and completely satisfied with the final results).

Clint uses a single Big City 110, two Big City 220’s and a ringlight for this particular shoot. The two large light banks perform the duty of filling and brightening the set, they are very powerful and effective. The 110 is used to add a slightly softer touch of light in a focussed area and finally the ringlight is used for the glamorous and stylistic effect it is so well known for. The video also demonstrates the growing love for continuous lighting and the needlessness of using strobe lighting. Continuous lighting provides consistency and makes it easier to get that specific look you’re trying to achieve.  Video of shoot is below.

Written by Hash Patel

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Big City Lighting Tips Video #2 – Lighting on a White or Black Background

Ever had trouble lighting a model in various backgrounds? No need to fear, Big City is here! In our latest video we will show you how to light your subject for a white or a black background. It may seem like a simple thing to do but, if you want professional quality photo or video, you will learn the right way to do so with this instructional video. We will talk about lighting angles, metering and even, the butterfly effect. We’ve seen failures time and time again, from photographers trying to achieve crisp whites or variable blacks but, they’re just not doing it right. It’s funny how these small tips and tricks can make such a dramatic difference in the end product, whether it be a photo or a video. You can view the video below.


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Free resource to help teach yourself how to use green screen.

Green screen is one of the most difficult things to learn to do right and if you don’t have any test footage to help you learn it can be either more time consuming than it all ready is, or costly to shoot your own test footage.  Well the folks at HollywoodCamerawork have just published a series of test footage you can download and use for FREE!  Now you can have some great resources to teach yourself the basics of tracking, matchmoving and rotoscoping on.  They also include elements to build your scene as well, so if you want to add your subject flying in a F15 in the clouds and over the ocean you can!  I was also impressed they include footage of what NOT to do as well, as there are so many mistakes you can make when doing this kind of work.  Anyone who considers themselves a teacher or student of VFX or editing should bookmark this link now!  Green screen originals resource

green, greenscreen, screen, Tutorial

Green screen free resource footage

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Make your own home dolly

Don’t have thousands of dollars for a pro dolly, the following video from Peter Bak show you in this video how to make a cool home made dolly from roller-skate wheels and basic hardware. Probably not quite as good as the professional ones, but for the home filmmaker or indie filmmaker a cool and fun tool for under $50 and a few hours of work to build.


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Make your own steadycam rig

This video from Miguel Vicente show you how to make your own steadycam from standard hardware parts. looks fairly simple for those who are mechanically inclined.

For the rest of us who aren’t you can always rent a glidecam 1000 HERE


cam, Canada, DIY, film, GO, grip, LED, LEDGO, lighting, lights, rig, steady, steadycam, stedicam, video

Detail of home steady cam


Don’t want to make your own?  You can also RENT our dolly track system.
Big City Lights offers affordable lights and lighting for parties party events stage dolly track system Projector rent custom RGB LED DMX par fresnel laser rental film, video, tv, and photography.  RGBA as well. We carry LED and Flo lighting including ring lights and light banks and light panels.  We sell in Canada and the USA, with locations in Calgary and Toronto, but we ship to Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax, Ottawa, Hamilton, Edmonton, St. Johns, Regina, Victoria, Winnipeg and more.

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A peak at a Big City Studio photo-shoot!

Last Thursday, I got to see a professional photo-shoot at Big City Studio for the first time. The model we had, Jacqueline, had the perfect look for our fantasy make up, which was done by our make up artist Vasso Thymis. Our set was a dark dramatic space, which worked perfectly with the fantasy look of our model. It also sent a mysterious feeling and got our hopes and expectations high.

This photo shoot was lit by one of our LED light banks which was an effective and a powerful tool that lit the set, and a reflector which added more light to the shadow areas. typically, most photographers use strobe (flash) to light their photographs, but as you can see here, using a light bank and a reflector, can give you the same great result. The advantage of using continuous light is that you can immediately see your en result before you take the picture, as well for those photographers who want to shoot video, you now have the capability.

These photographs take you into a strange and unusual world, which gets the imagination going and starts to tell a story.

 fashion, lighting, lights, model, photo, photographic, photography, Toronto  fashion, lighting, lights, model, photo, photographic, photography, Toronto  fashion, lighting, lights, model, photo, photographic, photography, Toronto  fashion, lighting, lights, model, photo, photographic, photography, Toronto  fashion, lighting, lights, model, photo, photographic, photography, Toronto  fashion, lighting, lights, model, photo, photographic, photography, Toronto

Clint Adam Smyth, Director, Music Video

Behind the Scenes of a Big City Music Video Shoot!

Shot from the video

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to help out and go behind the scenes with Big City on a music video shoot. We were working with local Toronto talent, Scenario and KiKi SB. Let me tell you it wasn’t easy but it was a whole lot of fun and a great learning experience. For the video we were trying to get a Mental Institute feel, something like shutter island, and the large spaces, long hallways and old-fashioned freight elevators at Big City Studios provided that dark grimy atmosphere. Now the problem here, as any good photographer/videographer will tell you, was that “dark and grimy” isn’t quite the best place to be shooting in. And that’s where Big City’s wide variety of lights came in. We had various set-ups that illuminated all scenes brilliantly. For starters, during the elevator shots, we used two Big City 1200 LED’s on either side of our actors to bring the scene to life and one Big City 220 full frontal to add that significant glow found in many great music videos. It was a fairly simple set-up but the results were much better than you would get from most highly complex and expensive lighting sets.

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The next scene was in the loooooong and dark hallway. Here, we shot the ladies dance sequences as well as a running/walking shot. Now things were getting a little trickier, the only available lighting was the overhead lamps that were each at least 5 ft apart. This was definitely not the best place to be shooting a trio dance group, especially when you’re going for that glamorous/flashy music video aesthetic. To make things worse there were no outlet sources all along the hallway, the only outlets to be found were at the beginning and very end of the hall, but we worked with what we had and our video came out looking stronger than ever. How did we solve the faulty lighting problems? Once again, Big City to the rescue! Two Big City 1200 LED’s were set at the front end of the hall, this time, with a Big City Ringlight to help our ladies really pop out at the audience. This set up was sufficient but there was something missing, the finishing touch, the cherry on top. We walked and walked and walked straight down to the end of the hall where there was a second outlet, we set up our largest light bank, the Big City 330 and, boy did that baby shine! Everyone was blown away by the effect of using the 330 at the very end of the hall, it resembled a window of beaming cool blue light.